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     Accuracy is vitally important.

It's time consuming to find and verifying monuments that are:

NAD83 (2011)

Physically intact


Appropriate Accuracy

In our Monument Blog below, you will find a growing list of high quality monuments with helpful information to use for your own verification.​

ArcGIS Field Maps

No more awkward fussing with the NGS datasheet!!

Mobile Device Users:  Click to Open the Monuments ArcGIS Field Map!

A few More Helpful Tools for Verifying Accuracy

Monuments Geodatabase:  New Jersey (NJSP EPSG ID 6527)

Pennsylvania (PASP South EPSG ID 6565)

NOAA INVERSE Computation Tool

Use this tool to compare your observed XY to the true values of the monument.

NOAA Computation of GEOID12B Geoid Height

Use this tool to compare your observed ellipsoid height to the true height of the monument.

topographic map image_edited.png

Monuments Map

Mobile Device Users:  Click here to open the Monuments ArcGIS Field Map!

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