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Pennsauken, NJ - JU0686

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

If you are afraid of heights, you will want to avoid this one. BUT - it is one of the highest quality monuments located in the Philadelphia vicinity. It is set atop the concrete abutment of the New River Rd bridge crossing Pennsauken Creek. You will need to park your car South of the bridge along the Northbound lane (on the grass). You can safely walk up to the bridge on the grass, without having to go too close to traffic. The monument is on the abutment about 20' above the water below. If the height makes you weak in the knees, head down to another good monument - AJ5046, which is located about 1.25 miles South at the intersection of John Tipton Blvd & Rte. 130.

View looking North along New River Rd toward the Bridge



The Alpha RTK network consistently tests at 1 centimeter horizontal and 2 cm vertical at this station.

Getting There

AI4369 can be easily navigated to by using Alpha RTK's publicly accessible ESRI map.

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