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Essington, PA - JU2216

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Disclaimer and **important** note. We included this monument:

(1) Because it's a very funny example of government agencies not communicating

(2) It's a perfect example of why Alpha RTK goes out and visits / verifies monuments!

Now, despite the obvious problem here, this monument will be O.K. to use - after my calls / emails to PENN DOT are answered, and they move their new giant, stupid sign! Final note - because the marker is also under a tree, once said sign is removed, you will want to visit in winter when the leaves are off.

Update 1/27/2023 - I have submitted an official complaint to PennDOT. Let's see how quickly (or if) they move the sign!

Elephant in the Room



The Alpha RTK network consistently tests better than 1 centimeter horizontal and 2 cm vertical at this station.

Getting There

JU2216 can be easily navigated to by using Alpha RTK's publicly accessible ESRI map.

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