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Fort Washington, PA - KV1876

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

This marker is why I do this. Great accuracy, but fairly difficult to figure out a safe way to access. The monument is located atop the railway bridge abutment over the intersection of Camp Hill Rd & East Skippack Pike (Hwy 73). You access it by parking at the St. Thomas Preschool on Camp Hill Rd. Walk directly across Camp Hill Rd. onto the railway tracks, which are at grade here.

Walk down the tracks toward the bridge. There are actually two bridges. One is for the train and one for walking (do you feel lucky?). Walk across the bridge, and then cross the tracks on the other side to access the monument. After you level up, I strongly suggest leaving the tripod over the monument, walk back to a safe location, and use a Bluetooth enabled device to talk to your GNSS while it records its observation.

Pretty Picture from my Visit (because it will show in the thumbnail)

The Safe Access Point


You May have Company …


The Alpha RTK network consistently tests better than 1 centimeter horizontal and 2 cm vertical at this station.

Getting There

KV1876 can be easily navigated to by using Alpha RTK's publicly accessible ESRI map. Click the link and ArcGIS Field Maps will open to exactly where to park! Then just use the Compass tool to navigate right to the monument!

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