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Hackensack, NJ - KV0495

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

This monument located in Hackensack is set into a bridge foundation. Access is super-simple. Park your vehicle in Johnson Park, which is located a few hundred yards from the bridge along River Street. Then take the walking path up to the bridge and the monument is located just before the span begins. The street is busy but the sidewalk is sufficiently wide to safely occupy the spot with room for pedestrians to walk around you.

Looking Toward Hackensack

Looking Toward Teaneck



The Alpha RTK network consistently tests better than 1 centimeter horizontal and 2 cm vertical at this station.

Getting There

KV0495 can be easily navigated to by using Alpha RTK's publicly accessible ESRI map. Click the link and ArcGIS Field Maps will open to exactly where to park! Then just use the Compass tool to navigate right to the monument!

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