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Woodbury, NJ - AI4363

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Ah Woodbury … at 0.33 horizontal and 0.69 vertical (95% confidence level), set in a quiet park (with bathrooms !!) … you shame all of the other monuments. But, you are boring! This is a high-quality monument (like all those listed in this blog) located in a park setting. No access issues here, simply pull up and walk around the fence. It's usually marked with wooden stakes, but no official witness post, so bringing a metal detector is not a bad idea, since the disc is slightly below grade.

View From Parking Lot

View Looking West


The Alpha RTK network consistently tests at 1 centimeter horizontal and 2 cm vertical at this station.

Getting There

AI4363 can be easily navigated to by using Alpha RTK's publicly accessible ESRI map.

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